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I’m very excited to announce that I’ve reached 500 followers after a little over a year on this site! I never thought I’d ever get anywhere close to that, and I really appreciate all of my followers, especially those of you who’ve been here since the beginning. :’3 Thank you all for tolerating my obnoxious posts and hot-headed behavior!

I’ve never done a giveaway before, and I wanted to do something a little different. One of my favorite things in fandom is fanart, and most of all is getting commissions from great artists. So the giveaway will be a free commission!

My friend Sal has agreed to take a commission from me for one of you. In other words, I’ll pay HIM to draw YOU anything you want!

You can find more examples of his artwork (as well as his commission info if you’d like to commish him yourself!) here.

Commission Info:

The commission can contain up to two full body characters. It will be shaded and can have a simple background.

Characters must be South Park. Sal draws all characters and especially likes rare/background characters, so feel free to give him a creative request.

All pairings are allowed except Bunny and Crenny. Selfcest and incest are allowed.

NSFW is fine but ONLY if the winner is over 18.

NSFW art will only be made of characters who are of age. Shota, Loli, and underage in general will not be allowed.

No scat/uro/vomit. All other kinks are fine including genderbending, crossdressing, BDSM, rape, etc.

Requests that involve heavy machinery or robotic designs will either be simplified or outright denied.

Sal is very considerate and will show you the commission in various stages of completion, (sketch, line, flat, etc) so that you can suggest corrections as necessary.

If you like, I can write a short story based on the image for you, but it would have to wait until after June. I’ve got FWIS to finish for now and all of my time and effort is going into writing that. My account information is on my blog if you want examples of my writing.


Reblog once or as many times as you want; either way you get one chance. Please do not reblog across multiple accounts; if I find out you’ve done this, you’ll be disqualified.

Must be following me, but please don’t follow me just for a chance to win, not unless you genuinely like my blog. That’s annoying.

You get an extra chance to win if you’re following Sal, but again please don’t if you’re only going to unfollow him immediately after. He draws mostly South Park and Lego Movie, with some original character artwork.

This contest will run until May 11th, which is a Sunday. The winner will be announced that Monday, the 12th.

Prize exceptions will not be made, ie you cannot request a complex background or additional characters.

Bonus Note:
If the winner is on my first three pages of followers, (meaning the first 120 people who followed me) I will commission another artist for an art piece that is equal to or less than $20.

Paying for commissions probably seems like a strange giveaway, but I love the artists in this fandom and they probably make me happier than anything else |3 So rather than just make one person happy by buying them merch or something, I’d like to make at least two people happy, one getting art and one being paid for their services, and then of course the whole fandom benefits by seeing more great SP art.

That is all! ;D Thanks everyone once again, and good luck!


craig singing what makes you beautiful to thomas

it sounds like cats in a blender but still nice

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If you don’t have room for a mustache-wearing Meryl Streep on your blog, I don’t want to know you.

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Why isn’t there more vamp Butters fanart?
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darker than black huh

The Boondocks

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Madoka Magica
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doc mcstuffins 


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1000 ways to die


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Adventure Time. Heck yeah

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News flash: telling me I’m “pretty strong/tough/determined/knowledgable/cool/reasonable for a girl” is not a compliment.

You’re so right! (For a woman)

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